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Creating the Imaginarium

Imagining Education Futures 2012

Blog; This blog has been set up to support the CROS project in Bucharest who are running a weekend event called Imaginarium concerned with envisioning the future of education (or should that be learning) in Romania. Initially it will be written by @fredgarnett. Other attendees such as Graham Attwell will be invited to contribute, and a GoogleDoc will be created to help capture people’s ideas

CROS; Is an activist group of Romania students based in Bucharest who self-organise activities for graduates. More inf on the CROS Facebook page. Consequently I hope some pages on this blog will be in Romanian!

Imaginarium; on the future of education will be discussed from Friday February 24 to Monday February 27 2012; 

GoogleDocs; We are looking to list 100 ideas about the future of education. Your ideas can be added on the 100 Ideas doc here. One  link per idea please.

The University Project LondonVlad Atanasiu and I met at the University Project at Hub Westminster in London in the Autumn; more info on what we did there on the univproject wiki.

WikiQuals; I talked about my WikiQuals ideas at the University Project. It has since turned into an active WikiQuals project.