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Becoming Participative

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Create yourself!

When discussing this talk with Vlad, I said I didn’t want to tell the same stories I told when I gave the Everything is a Metaphor talk. Vlad said it is OK to tell the same stories, we have new people. However I reacted against this because there was a period in my life lasting about 10 years, from when I was about 16 to when I was 26, when I refused to tell the same story twice, at least not in exactly the same way.
When I was 7 my Mum became a librarian and everyday after school I would go to the library to meet her before we went home. I learnt very quickly that reading books was a good way to pass an hour or so whilst I waited for her. However I wanted input, more ‘bandwidth’ and, as I read very fast, my Mum quickly got bored giving me a couple of new books every day, so she gave me the Arabian Nights, the 1001 Nights when Scherezade saves her life by telling stories, endless stories, without repeating herself…
And I loved this idea of there being endless seas of stories, which is not unlike the Black Sea if

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