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Imagining Education Futures

Issues in Imagining Futures

Background; These are notes which will shape my opening workshop at the Imaginarium. I will start by setting out a range of questions to answer to help shape a development framework with which we might be able to express what kind of future we want to build.

Dilemmas; There are a number of dilemmas that need to be resolved before we can start to envision futures. They represent some of the values that we will use to provide the framework with which we might design that future.

Education OR Learning; Are we designing an educational system or learning processes?

Subject-driven OR Interest-driven; Will we build around traditional subjects or learner interests?

International OR Local; Will we look for the “best” we can identify from global experiences or draw on local traditions, experiences, narratives and crafts?

Individual OR Collaborative; Will the focus of this future be individual achievement or collaborative endeavours?

Representative OR Participative; Will we be preparing learners to work within representative or participative contexts?

Hierarchical OR Networked;  Do we think the future will be about hierarchies or networks?

Issues; With these dilemmas in mind, and mindful of the values we wish to embody in our project we than have (at least) ten issues to address in developing our education future. They are;

1) Pedagogy; Will our chosen approach be subject-based based pedagogy, collaborative andragogy or creative heutagogy or perhaps one of the emerging ideas like Connectionism, or even a synthesis? Read the rest of this entry